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Welcome to the new Fiddlersgreen  paper modeler workshops! 

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Picture of Spinosaurus paper model

Coming Soon!



New paper model: “Knight in Shining Armor”

paper model - two knights dueling

Two brave knights practicing their dueling skills

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Thanks for your quick response.

I have been a great fan for several years. I have tried to support your efforts by purchasing what I could spare throughout the years. I know it has been a difficult path to keep your vision alive in these changing times, and I commend you and your associates for persevering.

I believe you are preserving and promoting a valuable and amazing art form. And more importantly, making possible a community of enthusiasts that only a presence like Fiddler’s Green can create.

Fiddler’s Green is like an island in a nameless sea of faceless marketers. Keep up the good work.

Thank You,


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